A downloadable game for Windows

I will upload this to support Cyberpunk Game Jam 2014, still, I'm not happy about the game >_>

To be honest, game design was a little bit messy from the beginning, so I will make an upgraded sequel soon.

'Welcome to "Block on fire.

This game is hugely inspired by movies "Banlieue 13", "ONE POINT O", "5th Element", "The Raid: Redemption" and "Judge Dredd.

Year 20XX. You are living in small apartment in huge building, called "Block".

Block is known as home for drug dealers, anarchists and most cruel gangs.

It was obvious, that this day will come. Cops decided to start cleanse in "Block". Gunshots, limited HyperNet access, gas, corpses and screams of those, who will become one soon... This place is Vietnam of XXI century now.

Your mission is simple - survive. But choice is after you - will you help one side or another, will you join the gunfight, or will you play role of puppeteer, controlling the flow of fight.

Remember - anything can happen. Get ready for power outage when cops storm another floor, or HyperNet not working properly when riots use EMP grenades for defence.

Oh, and do not forget - you got job to be done... Or you will be fired.

Install instructions

Simply unzip and start "Block on fire" file.


Block on fire.zip 57 MB